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Meet the Red Sun Camels

Red Sun Camels provide camel rides along beautiful Cable Beach everyday. This iconic experience will leave you feeling relaxed,
captivated and the team in red will ensure you leave with the most remarkable lifelong memories.


 Khan was caught from the wild in Queensland and arrived in Broome as a wild untrained bull camel.

Khan had never seen the beach before, however he has taken his new surrounding in his stride.  A fantastic working camel, very relaxed and nothing fazes him. 

Khan was named after an early Afghan cameleer. 



 Lofty arrived in Broome wild and untrained along with Burke, Chris, Ned and Wills, in 2013. 

Still a young camel, however given time to settle into his new home he will eventually lead the camel train up and down the beach. 

As his name suggests he is 'of imposing height'and is the tallest camel in Broome! Whilst a large camel, Lofty is very calm, rleaxed and really just a big softy - he just loves attention and pats. 


Matilda is our smallest female camel, and she always has a big smile on her face!

Matilda was saved from an abattoir in the Northern Territory. The person that saved her, saw a sparkle in her eye and decided to rescue her. 

She started tours in South Australia (Victor Harbour) before heading to Broome. 

A very talkative little girl, with a lovable droopy lip!




Mission is one of our most affectionate camels. Named after the famous movie 'Mission Impossible', as when he was younger it was originally thought it would be mission impossible to train him!

Mission is from the Great Victorian Desert region. He previously worked on Victor Harbour beach, but these days he loves being a part of our family and walking daily on Cable Beach. 


 Ned arrived in Broome in April 2013 as a wild camel. He came from a station in Mulga Park, Central Australia. 

He is named in honour of the iconic bush ranger 'ned kelly' as our Ned is a bit of a rogue too!

Ned is a beautiful, friendly and affectionate camel, who has just discovered how delicious carrots are!


Rocket Rodney!

Rodney is our best racing camel who has competed in several of the Alice Springs camel cups, and winning both the 2013 Broome camel races and 2014 Broome Camel Cup, hence his nickname 'Rocket Rodeny'

He arrived in Broome in April 2011 and prior to this worked taking tourists for rides out to Ayres Rock. 

Rodney can be a cheeky chappy at times - look for the little glint in his eye!


Seta was purchased from Yanchep Stables, Perth in 2006. She worked at local shows, fairs and did short rides.

Since arriving, given time to gain strength and confidence, she now works regularly and enjoys the beach and the people. Can be a bit noisy when loading, and also likes to grind her teeth, but that is just Seta.
Seta is one of seven females in the Red Sun Camel train, and has a big gentle heart. She is the princess of the herd!

Tiny is originally from Western Simpson Desert near Alice Springs.

He was bound for export to Malaysia for human consumption, when good fortune saw the ship run aground prior to loading. On his return to the station he was purchased by Red Sun Camels and taken to Curtain Springs station before going onto Broome.
He arrived wild and untrained, but is now a big baby. Our strongest and biggest camel, thus his name - 'Tiny'.
Tiny is very hard working with a beautiful nature. He loves to rest his head on your lap or shoulders for a cuddle!
Tiny is our demonstration camel at the beginning of the tour and gets an extra carrot as a reward for this. 

Tonku is a little bit cheeky! As one of our younger camels he was always up to mischief... trying to get out of his ropes, stealing carrots or escaping from his yard (because the grass is always greener, as the saying goes!) For Tonku it's all about food!

He to came to Red Sun Camels, from Yanchep Stable as a wild bull camel. In October 2008 he started working on Cable Beach and although one of the younger camels, he was quick to learn and is now one of the strongest and most hardworking camels. 

Wangai's name is derived from an acacia plant that is found widely around the Kimberley region. 

Wangai was purchased from Whalesong Camels along with two other camels - Jerry Hall and Coco. They were walked the 170km to Broome, which took about five days. 
Wangai is a very confident cheeky camel, who sometimes leads the camels on the tours when Zara has the day off. He even has his own ropes, as he likes to chew them... that and the tail of the camel in front! He loves attention and pats, and despite his very subborn nature at times, takes a great photo!
Wangai has also participated in racing and is a frequent free rider. Wangai is always first choice for weddings, events and special functions!
Watch out because Wangai loves the water!!! 
Wun was originally from the Ayers Rock area and along with Cloud and Jabby were brought by Red Sun Camels. 
He was walked from Curtain Springs Station near Alice Springs to Broome in April-June 2005 by two adventurers.
He was accompanied by Cloud, Jabby and the lead camel on the trip, named Bully. Cloud, Wun, and Jabby are all believed to be sired by the same bull camel.
Aptly named, as he was always the 'one' that was hard to catch in the yard!
A funny camel who loves drinking from hoses and water bottles! 

Zara is another of our fantastic female camels in the Red Sun family.

Zara is originally from Tasmania, where she spent some time doing tours on Bruny Island, near Hobart. Zara then worked as a lead camel at Western Plains Zoo in NSW and she has also spent some time at Victor Harbour Beach with some of our other camels doing tours, before coming to Broome.

Although a female camel, Zara is still remarkably strong for her size. She loves to lead the Red Sun Camels up the beach. 

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