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Meet the Red Sun Camels

Red Sun Camels provide camel rides along beautiful Cable Beach everyday. This iconic experience will leave you feeling relaxed,
captivated and the team in red will ensure you leave with the most remarkable lifelong memories.


Yes, that's right... Red Sun Camels very own 'Alice the Camel!'

Named after Alice Springs and also the popular children's song, "Alice the camel"!
Alice was caught from the Simpson Desert in Central Australia and brought to Broome in 2007. We trained Alice here at Red Sun Camels in early 2011. She is a real princess and one of only seven females in the camel train. A very good worker, although talkative as passengers get on. Alice is a very small female, but robust and strong for her size!
Alice B

Why Alice B? Because we already had our first Alice when our second Alice arrived and we needed to differentiate between them.

Alice came to Broome in 2010, and she worked for another camel tour company on Cable Beach before coming to Red Sun Camels. During the cooler months, Alice stands out with her brown-red coat and bright WHITE legs! She originally came from Alice Springs, where she worked with Indigenous children doing safari work. Alice is very talkative - especially on the beach!

She just loves carrots, but watch out... she cannot take them from you quick enough!!!


Bully is an extremely affectionate camel who comes from Boulia in Queensland, hence his name.

Bully can be very head-shy at times but when he builds his confidence with you, he is your friend for life! Bully can always be picked out in the yard due to his thick, curly coat and big inquisitive eyes.

One of our many camels trained to free ride. Bully loves nothing more than a run with his friends on the beach and in the sand dunes. 



Captured as a young bull camel in the Northern Territory, Burke was then truckked to Broome and trained here at Red Sun Camels.

Burke arrived in Broome in April 2013 along with Ned, Chris, Lofty and Wills. It is thought that Burke and Wills are brothers! Burke is a very calm and relaxed camel that takes everything in his stride.  

Although young, Burke is one of our biggest camels and is a big softy!


Captured as a young bull in the Northern Territory. Chris is our darkest and blackest camel.

Chris arrived in Broome in April 2013, with Ned. Chris is also affectionately called 'fatty' because he didn't lose any weight on his big trip from South Australia to Broome. All the other camels on the trip lost weight... and it seemed as through Chris gained weight!

Chris loves to drink water from a bottle, and will eat anything!



His name is a reflection of where his head is at most of the time - in the clouds!!!

Originally from the Ayers Rock area, Cloud was captured near Curtain Springs. This camel was walked from Curtain Springs Station near Alice Springs to Broome in April-June 2005 by two adventurers.

He was accompanied by Wun, Jabby and the lead camel on the trip, named Bully. Cloud, Wun, and Jabby are all believed to be sired by the same bull camel.
Cloud likes to be cheeky with new staff and ignores the most basic commands until a senior staff member comes along, at which point he obeys the command at once.
He is always a favourite on the beach with tourists and staff. 

Coco is adptly named given the beautiful dark colour of her coat. 

She came with Jerry Hall and Wangai from Whalesong, a family operated campground / cafe, situated 170km north of Broome. 
A massive female (bigger than most of the male camels!!!) who knows how to use her weight! Coco is one of only seven female camels working in the train and the strongest female we have. She has fitted into the team very well and is one of only a few camels that like to go into the ocean for a bit of a splash!

Harley came to Broome in November 2009, from Alice Springs. He had been working with Aboriginal youth conducting desert safaris and he also worked doing tours out to Ayre Rocks.

His first visit to Cable Beach was rather interesting as he had obviously never seen the ocean before! He has now settled into the Broome way of life and is a valued member of the Red Sun team. 

Harley is an inquisitive camel who loves attention! His name comes from his previous owner who had a passion for Harleys!


Originally from the Ayers Rock area and captured by Red Sun Camels.

Jabby, along with Cloud and Wun was walked from Curtain Springs Station near Alice Springs to Broome in April-June 2005 by two adventurers. The trek took about ten weeks through the Tanami Desert. 
His name is derived from the fact he was the darkest of all the camels to arrive from Alice. There was also a local campaign at the time, to stop the indigenous population smoking, a puppet named Jabby was used in an extensive add campaign, thus his name.

Jabby is a great working camel, very strong and a quiet achiever, never hear a peep out of him and he is always happy to try something new. Jabby likes to our new staff for a free ride, and has also been involved in camel racing. 



Jacko came to Broome in March 2009 with Joe. Jacko was originally caught in the wild near Alice Springs, and prior to coming to Broome he used to work near Uluru. Even though it was the first time he had even seen the ocean, he didn't take him long to get used to it and he now loves his new Cable Beach lifestyle! 

Jacko is a very obedient camel and very gentle at heart. 
He is another of our racing camels, and as such a popular choice with staff when going on a free ride.  
Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall is of course named after the famous super model. Our Jerry Hall has gorgeous long legs just like the model!

Jerry came to Broome with Coco and Wangai, from Whalesong Camels. She has worked in a few different places around Australia, but is happily settled with her new family in Broome. 

Jerry is slightly blind in her left eye due to cataracts and is very cautious of her surroundings.

A beautiful looking camel, with a lovely nature and loved by all that work with her. 


Kabul was the lead camel of three, who completed the first east to west crossing of the Australian land mass from its widest points. The camels were walked by adventurer David Mason in 1998, and the trek took seven months to walk the 5500kms. 

According to David Mason, Kabul is living proof that given time, patience and trust, a man and his camel can bond together. David tells us that without Kabul his trip would never have succeeded.
Kabul took over the "boss" role soon after arriving at Red Sun Camels in 1999, and commands great respect from all the camels. As the head of the herd he has the biggest belly and a bit of an arrogant attitude, but an amazing camel who will be happy anywhere in the camel train. Very dark in colour and has a great 'afro'. 
Kabul is our oldest working camel and is named after the capital town in Afghanistan.


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