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Name: Camelus Dromedarius - Dromedary Camel. 

Lifespan: Domestic camels approx. 30-40 years. Wild camels approx. 25 years. 

Weight: Bull camels (males) - between 700-800kgs. Cow camels (females) - 600-700kgs.

Height: A fully grown adult camel stands 1.85m / 6 feet at the shoulder and 2.15m / 7 feet at the hump. 

Strength: A working camel can comfortably carry half their own body weight for 6-8 hours a day. A bull camel in Australia was witnessed to lift 885kgs.

Speed: Normal 'amble speed' for a walking camel is 5kph. Racing camels gallop at approx. 25kph.

Feet: Camels have broad, flat, leathery pads with two toes on each foot. When walking, the camel moves both feet on one side of its body, then both feet on the other. 

Hump: Contrary to the belief, a camel does not store water in its hump. It is in fact a mound of fatty tissue from which the animals draws energy when food is hard to find. 

Water: Camels need very little water if their regular diet contains good, moisture-rich pasture. On average they consume 20-30 litres per day in the domestic environment. A severely dehydrated camel can drink 100 litres of water in ten minutes. 

Food: Camels of Australia eat 82% of the plants available to them in the wild. Domestically kept camels, like ours, are fed a diet of oaten hay and lucerne.

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